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Insurance in a Hurry

Aon Construction Services Group had a big ask ... and very little time to deliver!

The Ask

Aon Construction Services Group is an insurance brokerage firm specializing in construction insurance - and one of the largest in the world.  They wanted to participate in one of the largest conferences in the construction insurance vertical, but were unsure if anyone could create their marketing collateral in time.

Luckily for them, they partnered with Ignite! Marketing Solutions.  The ask was for a tri-fold brochure that would be printed and handed out during the conference.  Simple right? The problem that was faced was this: the brochure needed to be done in less than 8 hours.  Right away we knew that time would be of the essence, but assured Aon that we would complete the tri-fold in the given time frame.

We began by working with their Senior Marketing Manager to determine the amount of content that needed to be placed on the brochure.  After determining the amount of information as well as receiving documents containing the information, we sat ourselves down and got to work!  We reviewed all of the documents and highlighted all of the necessary information.  We then used our expertise with the Adobe Suite - in this case Photoshop - to outline both sides of the brochure.  Afterwards, we created imagery that coordinated with the information to breakup the text in the brochure.  Ignite! completed the first draft in 6 hours and were able to provide a final product at the 8 hour mark, just in time for Aon to send the brochure to print!  They were ecstatic at the results and shocked that such a small company could finish this project in such a small timeframe.

Jane Petrucci, Senior Marketing Manager - "We knew from the beginning that it was going to be difficult in having this brochure completed in 8 hours.  After we found Ignite! Marketing Solutions, however, we had ease of mind as they guaranteed a final product at the 8 hour mark.  They took all of our information we provided and were able to filter out the necessary information without hesitation.  In about 6 hours I had a rough draft in my email that was stunning! The visuals were very well thought out and added to the overall feel of the brochure.  After some minor tweaks, I had a final product in just under 8 hours and was able to have the brochures printed in time for the conference.  Great work Ignite! Marketing Solutions, you really outdid yourselves here."