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Graphic Design, Experiential

Aon mitigated risk with Ignite's graphic design and experiential solutions, offering a new take on the insurance brand.

The Challenge

IRMI is the insurance world's biggest event of the year and Aon needed Ignite Marketing Solutions's help with their premiere VIP afterparty.

  • Build experiential strategy that drives excitements and immediate RSVPs

  • Solidify and manage all vendor relations for location, AV, F&B, merchandising, and talent

  • Handle day of logistics to ensure seamless experience for all guests

  • Begin teasing following year's Cirque du Soleil event to drive immediate response

The Approach

Universal Studios.jpeg


IRMI is an international insurance conference and one of the biggest events of the insurance industry. Aon, being a premier sponsor, hosts a VIP afterparty on day 1 that always wows and astounds. However in 2018 Aon approach Ignite Marketing Solutions after hitting a brick wall.

First, we needed a venue. With IRMI being hosted in Orlando, FL there was only one venue in mind - Universal Studios. The thrills, excitement and joy was exactly what attendees needed after 12+ hours of insurance talk. Ignite worked directly with Universal Studios to buyout the venue for the evening, negotiating all components of the experience including AV, food & bev., merchandising and talent costs for both appearances and hosts. 

Aon event 2.jpeg
Aon event 1.jpeg

We presented the final plan to Aon who immediately signed off on the project, stating that "this was one of the best experiences we've ever seen presented"

Ignite put together the $1M+ experience of a lifetime driving over 3,000 attendees (an increase of 76% YoY), lowered costs by 18% YoY and a 78:1 ROI.


And they are still talking about it!






lower costs YoY




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