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Strategy, Web Design, Media Planning & Buying, Graphic Design, Email (Lifecycle)

Frosty-N-Friends is a family business offering homemade furniture as well as DIY events for children to get involved with arts & crafts.

The Challenge

Frosty-N-Friends came to Ignite to launch their line of hand-crafted furniture and DIY events for the 2020 Holiday Season.

  • Develop the go-to-market launch strategy for the brand

  • Focus Google Ads on areas with high search volumes but low competition

  • Utilize Facebook Ads to target parents for DIY events, then retarget with furniture CTAs

  • Craft simple eCommerce website that is easily updatable by the owners

The Approach

Man with Power Drill


With the 2020 Holiday Season fast approaching, Frosty-N-Friends approached Ignite to develop their go-to-market strategy to drive customer acquisition and engagement with the local community. Local community engagement was key, as the audience identified were parents with children in higher-level income areas. This meant that if we could engage with the kids, we could engage the parents with the brand.

The strategy encompassed the following:

  1. Web Design

  2. Media Planning & Buying

  3. Organic Social Media

  4. Email

This enabled us to attract new customers and audience groups to the brand, create and engagement cycle with them and drive conversions. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 13.21.25.png


When building the website, we needed to keep in mind that the owners of the brand wanted to maintain the site themselves. Ignite decided to utilize Wix as the building and hosting platform for their website due to it's simple UI that would easily allow non web builders to easily make edits.

Once selected, Ignite Marketing Solutions got to work creating a beautiful and down-home feeling eCommerce site that allowed for tickets to be purchased for DIY events, as well as customizable furniture with the customers specific requests. We setup data flows from the eCommerce site to Wix's CRM platform to ensure all data integrity was maintained and easily trackable. This was followed by email updates to the owners so they knew exactly when someone purchased from their site.

The site launch was a success with over 5K visitors in the first 3 hours, $50,000+ in revenue within 24 hours, and all 2020 Holiday Seasons DIY events (32 in total with 20 seats per event) sold out within 72 hours.

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 13.21.45.png


Ignite Marketing Solutions worked with Frosty-N-Friends to build their audiences within Google Tag Manager, then connected those audiences to Google Ads in order to build search ads for the furniture side of the business. We focused on search ads, built to maximize on keywords searched in areas across the US that had low focus from competition. By utilizing sitelink extensions with descriptions on each search ad, we were able to drive full funnel engagement within different areas of the website. This resulted in 130% ROAS, 28% lower CPA than benchmark, and 42% of total revenue.


Utilizing Facebook Ads, Ignite Marketing Solutions built audience segments based on parents in the local communities that would benefit from DIY events for kids. We primarily targeted mothers with kids of all different ages that have interests or interacted with DIY items. This resulted in 38% of total revenue, 213% ROAS, and completely sold out of the 2020 Holiday Season DIY events.





website visitors in 3 hours


revenue in 24 hours

Sold Out

2020 Holiday DIY events


Google Ads ROAS


lower CPA than benchmark


of total revenue


Facebook Ads ROAS


of total revenue

Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 10.32.33.png

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