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Media Planning & Buying

Build your online audience, drive retargeting efforts and increase ROAS with an agency built for the digital age. Our cross-industry experts use advanced targeting technology to build and engage with your audience and drive personalized connections that increase your return on investment.

Google Ads

Use the world's largest search engine to your advantage. From paid search to 3rd party partner display sites, our experts will setup, create, execute, and optimize your Google campaigns to boost your marketing ROI. 

Facebook & Instagram

We build full-funnel ad campaigns that combine advanced audience targeting with eye-popping visuals and engaging aesthetics to drive your brand story.


Unleash your brand's creativity with TikTok ads and engage with users that are up to date on the latest trends and #challenges. Increase your following, drive website actions and have your brands voice be heard.


Amazon's enormous database of online shopper behaviors can drive increased brand awareness and sales for your brand. Ignite's experts will build and manage your Amazon campaigns to lower costs-per-acquisition and increase ROAS.


Solutions designed for you:

  1. Sponsored Products

  2. Sponsored Brands

  3. Sponsored Display

  4. Stores


Get in front of your audience while they tweet, scroll and engage with brands on Twitter. Drive increased followers, increase live audience attendees, and engage with your target personas via interactive features.


Consumers that are part of Pinterest's 300+ million monthly user-base use the app for full funnel considerations. Position your brand visually to drive website actions with highly engaged pins.


Formerly Bing Ads, Microsoft's extensive online audience gives you access to over *142 million unique desktop searchers across MSN, AOL, Yahoo and more. Capture this audience with low cost-per-acquisition models and increase your paid media ROI.


Reach Millennials and Gen Zers on the app with more than 280 million daily users ... Snapchat. Increase eCommerce sales, app downloads, or in-store foot traffic as users engage with your interactive ads.


Using advanced targeting technology and integrated digital service providers (DSPs), reach your online audience anywhere across 3rd party sites. With low cost-per-click models we can increase your web presence and audiences.

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increase in revenue


decrease in ad spend

How we'll build your media plan together


Learn ...

everything we can about you, your business, your products or solutions. The more information the better so we have a clear view of who you are and where you want to go.


Identify ...

the best visuals, copy, call-to-actions, targeting parameters - everything needed to ensure your brand attracts and converts your customers.


Develop ...

the paid media strategy around search, social, programmatic, and 3rd party partners to boost marketing ROI and lower customer acquisition costs.


Present ...

a detailed media strategy built to hit and exceed your business objectives. Once delivered, partner with our expert marketers to execute the strategy and boost marketing ROI.


Analyze ...

your brand's industry, audience, and competition to glean insights into what works and what doesn't. 

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