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Strategy, Media Planning & Buying

Mizu salon in NYC recently partnered with famous stylist Louis Licari to provide a VIP experience for their combined clients, as well as position Mizu as the hair salon to the stars.

The Challenge

Fun, class and sophistication - all things Mizu exudes and needed to convey with an updated strategy, search and social ads.

  • Own branded search terms with Google Ads

  • Drive online bookings with Facebook and Instagram ads

  • Maximized-clicks-bidding for non-branded search campaigns

  • Split retargeting campaigns based on analytics

The Approach

Getting a Haircut


Mizu's recent partnership with Louis Licari inspired them to come to Ignite Marketing Solutions to update their current marketing strategy and introduce paid search and social ads. We started by identifying their unique selling points that differentiated them in NYC as well as the US, as we wanted to start attracting VIP talent for Louis Licari.

Ignite repositioned Mizu from "hair for all" to "elite hair", targeting an audience that showcased increased conversion behavior. This helped to reduce CPA's while increasing revenue. We then introduced paid search and social ads that targeted this new audience and drove increased brand engagement on these channels.


We focused Mizu's Google search ads towards a maximize-clicks-bidding strategy for non-branded search terms to drive low CPC and larger volumes of traffic. The data collected from the interactions with our ads drove retargeting parameters to capitalize on audience behaviors similar to what Mizu needed. This aided in increasing CTR from .2% to 3.4%, increasing revenue by 225% and reducing CPA by 32%.


Utilizing Facebook and Instagram, Ignite put together ad campaigns targeted at baby boomers (FB), and Gen Z and Millennials (IG), within the local area to drive online bookings. This same audience was retargeted to drive RSVPs for their new partnership launch, selling out within 15 minutes! With Facebook & Instagram, Ignite was able to drive an increase in revenue by 187%, achieve a 231% ROAS and decrease CPA by 18%.

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increase in Google Ads CTR


increase in revenue


decrease in CPA


increase in FB revenue




decrease in CPA

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