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Trevor Williams

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Founder & Owner

Ignite! Marketing Solutions founder & owner Trevor Williams has spent countless nights ensuring that Ignite! will only deliver best-in-class solutions for all of our clients.  Trevor has a Bachelors in Business Administration and a Masters of Business Administration, concentrating in Marketing and Analytics from Mercy College.  He has worked for the top Insurance Brokerage firm in the world, learning valuable marketing skills, both from a National and Global perspective.  From digital campaigns to content marketing, social media marketing to branding and reimaging, you want this hard working innovator in your corner.

Mark Chmiel

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Mark Chmiel is a Senior Executive with extensive expertise in marketing for retail, hospitality and packaged goods companies and has worked for brands such as Burger King, Denny's, Dr Pepper/7Up, Got Milk? and KFC.  His background includes success stories in category disruptions, startups, brand introductions, turnarounds and creative integrated campaigns; culminating with winning eight Effie Awards for sales effectiveness.  Additionally, he is a Professor of Marketing and the Director of Marketing for the School of Business at Mercy College in New York City.  If you want the perfect blend of traditional media and digital solutions, Mark is your guy!

Managing Director: Innovation

Elle Sakamoto

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UX/UI Designer

Elle Sakamoto is a Product Designer and Website Developer formally trained in Silicon Valley for over a decade. Originally from Japan, she studied Chemical Engineering before switching to web design.  She has worked with companies and universities such as Stanford University, Boeing, John Deere, IGT, Jamba Juice and many others.  She is highly efficient, a quick thinker and excellent at problem solving.  She saves teams' time and clients money with her efficiency and knowledge.

Social Media Guru

Jackie Miranda is your typical millennial - in the best way possible! An avid user of all things social media, Jackie is our go-to girl when our clients need some social flair. From Facebook to Pinterest and everything in between, Jackie knows what it takes to build and maintain engagement and excitement with an online community. 

Jackie Miranda

Michael Masiello

Digital Strategist & Producer

Michael Masiello has a Bachelor of Science in television and radio and is currently spreading awareness about the dangers of bullying, drugs and alcoholism through his Peers Influence Peers Partnership. He has voiced, acted, produced and distributed for movies such as Through Their Eyes (2010), Take It Or Leave It (2011), Fine Lines (2012), High School: A Survivor’s Manual (2013), and recently Chasing Life (2017).


His partnership with Ignite! Marketing Solutions has allowed him to attain a new level of understanding for the digital realm. His finesse and creativity transcends just TV and radio production, bringing new light to our clients campaigns. 

Resident Chief of Purr

Agency life can be STRESSFUL, which is why we hired Sally Jo, our Resident Chief of Purr. She spends most of her days lying in the sun or in our laps, and if someone is particularly stressful, she shows them how good of a job they are doing by licking their nose. 

Please note - if you ever visit our office, Sally Jo does accept bribes ... in the form of soft chew treats that is!

Sally Jo

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