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15 Small Business Marketing Tips

Struggling to stand out in your marketing efforts? We've got just what you need!

Free ebook from Ignite! Marketing Solutions that dives into tips and tricks for marketing for a small or medium business.
15 Small Business Marketing Tips

We've created a simple, easy to follow ebook that dives into some tips and tricks for any business's marketing efforts. The greatest thing about it ... it's free! Click the above image to download the ebook.

Inside you'll find inspiration for anything from content development to social media marketing to advertising. We know it can be intimidating just starting out and not really understanding the marketing realm. Don't worry - it doesn't have to be scary, but it will take some hard work, dedication and research. Or you can team up with Ignite! Marketing Solutions to identifying marketing opportunities and strategy development.

Sneak Peek

Before you decide "Hey, let me contact these guys because they really seem to know what they are talking about", let us prove it to you. Below we've provided you with 3 of our 15 marketing tips to get you started.

Tip #1 - Create Amazing and Authentic Content

In today's world, people tend to only have a 3 - 5 second attention span, so you HAVE to capture their attention quickly. The greatest thing though is that, once you have their attention, they want to learn more. Think of it this way: a few minutes ago this ebook captured your attention and now you're reading through it to gain more insight. It's as easy as that!

One thing we can't stress enough however is that there are "rules" to developing content. It's not enough to crank out a brochure or white paper if the content doesn't provide some kick-ass engagement or stress the message you're trying to share. We've provided some of these "rules" below, but to learn more make sure to check out our white aper, "How to Kick-Ass with Your Content Development" (available April 9, 2018).

  1. Use Visuals - By using great imagery, you can express certain points and break up the text. This makes it easier for the reader to go through the content. It also allows for you to drive your message home with visuals that will remind the reader of your company.

  2. Develop Content That is Relevant - Don't publish for the sake of publishing: make sure your content has relevance. When teaching my Digital and Social Media marketing class, I push the message to my students that "People have 2 important resources: Time and Money. As marketers, if we waste people's time, we'll never see their money." Let's face it, our job as marketers is to entice people to buy, but if we waste their time for whatever reason, we'll lose that income.

  3. Data and Time of Publishing are Just as Important as the Content Itself - It's not good enough to develop a fantastic piece of content if you aren't getting maximum exposure for it. We highly recommend doing research on the platforms you want to use to market yourself in order to identify the best days and times. Or you can check out our white paper "Best Times to Promote Your Content" (available April 16, 2018), where we've already done the research for you.

Tip #2 - Visuals Are Key

When developing your content, make sure to incorporate imagery. Why? This allows you to break up the text so it's not heavy on the reader. It also allows you to grab the attention of the ready quickly and maintain their attention throughout the content. Is this necessary for all content - no. Sometimes the content is geared towards more of a serious crowd and therefore more text is better. For example: with this ebook, the readers (aka you) want to get as much information out of this as possible, so you'll find that it is very text heavy.

How could we incorporate imagery into it then? We'll, we have to promote the content right? In that case, we'll use creative imagery on our social media sites and landing pages on our website to entice individuals to read the ebook.

In your marketing efforts, make sure you identify the best content pieces to incorporate the best imagery with. Also make sure that the imagery you choose is relevant to the content. If you content deserves a laughing cat meme, then use the laughing cat meme! But, if the image should be of a family on the beach, then don't use the laughing cat meme. There's also sites that provide free imagery for your marketing team to use to keep costs down: we'd recommend

Tip #3 - Become a Savvy Social network

What's better than free in regards to your business? Answer - NOTHING! And speaking of free, if you're not using the free social media sites offered to you, you're wasting your marketing efforts! There are a ton of free sites that you can use to create company pages and promote your company/products on without having to spend any money. In our ebook, I've provided a breakdown of the most common social media sites and their monthly active users, YOUR potential audience.

By utilizing social media, one is able to get in front of a lot of people very quickly. Please note: this is NOT the same as paid advertising on social media - that'll cost you, but that doesn't have to be expensive either. We discuss paid advertising on social media in our white paper "Social Media, Simplified" (available April 23, 2018).

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or any suggestions on future posts, please feel free to reach out to us at

Founder & Owner of Ignite! Marketing Solutions, Trevor Williams
Author: Trevor Williams | Founder & Owner of Ignite! Marketing Solutions

Please note: these tips are opinions solely from Ignite! Marketing Solutions's perspective. These do not represent the opinions of the entire marketing industry.

All of the opinions inside are the sole property of Ignite! Marketing Solutions. All statistics included are the sole property of the company affiliated with them, as indicated in the footer section of the appropriate pages.


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