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Samsung's US B2B marketing team needed to develop a strategy to switch businesses to the Android world

The Ask

Samsung Electronics America's B2B group was in need of a contract worker that could step in and help enhance and revitalize their mobile device marketing strategy. Originally, like most companies, Samsung was leading with "the latest and greatest features" but the messaging wasn't sticking with their target audience. We needed to change the way we discussed Samsung's products.

We started by revitalizing Samsung's messaging strategy while planning for their iconic device launches - think S series, Note series, Fold series, Tablets and Watches. Once the messaging was tailored to attack the pain points the consumers were trying to fight and how the newest devices could help make their lives easier, it was time to change their digital strategy. Trevor worked closely with all of Samsung's outsourced agencies and internal stakeholders to ensure each device launch was built to drive the highest amount of revenue as possible. Trevor and Samsung partnered together to revitalize their paid media strategy, leaning more with an always-on approach and increasing share of voice across several key segments. By providing this "air coverage" and driving baseline conversion metrics, all other channels in the new strategy were able to work together to drive increased ROI for the B2B group. We can't get into specifics, but we can say that one such strategy worked to get Samsung a 32:1 ROI - truly incredible!

Changing the way businesses work by bringing them into the Galaxy.

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