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Strategy, Media Planning & Buying

Samsung, a global leader in consumer electronics, was entering the ruggedized tablet market with the launch of their Galaxy Tab Active3.

The Challenge

Samsung wanted to see what optimizations could be made to increase ROI with their ruggedized tablet.

  • Monitor creative fatigue and refresh creative during spikes of inactivity

  • Industry targeting and visuals for a more personalized ad

  • Maximized-clicks-bidding for non-branded search campaigns

  • Split retargeting campaigns based on analytics

The Approach

Samsung tablet 1.jpeg


After the launch of the Galaxy Tab Active3, Samsung began to see stagnation in their eCommerce sales and overall revenue for the launch campaign. While they have a global media planning & buying agency, they asked Ignite Marketing Solutions to come in and evaluate the campaigns performance as an independent third party.

Immediately we realized that there was zero engagement with the ads, which correlated to creative fatigue - meaning their audience had already seen their ads and still weren't interested. Samsung needed to introduce fresh ad creative in order to begin re-engaging with their audience.

From here Ignite took a step back and noticed that the campaign spoke to each industry as a collective whole. While the benefits were very similar, there were key differences between each target industry that the ads weren't addressing. We put together a comprehensive list of recommendations on how to elevate the campaign targeting and ad creative to focus on these key differences. This split would also be critical with the retargeting recommendations, as they started at an industry level and became more niche.

Lastly, Ignite reformatted the retargeting parameters to dive further deeper than industry. We started with adding a "decision maker" level of targeting that spoke to everyday users vs. budget holders as engaging messaging is different for these individuals. From here we took it a level even deeper and introduce channel partner co-marketing retargeting based on a number of factors. This would position specific solutions to any given industry's challenges and entice engagement with resonating call to actions. These enhancements to the strategy ended up driving CTR from 1.2% to 5.4%, increasing overall impression by 22X and increasing revenue by 356%.

Samsung tablet 2.png




increase in CTR


increase in impressions


increase in revenue

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