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Media Planning & Buying, Graphic Design

Solstice connects communities to shared solar gardens to provide affordable clean energy for all.

The Challenge

Solstice came to Ignite wanting to brighten the day with search, display and social ads.

  • Split Renter vs. Owner Google targeting

  • Split all campaigns by zip code for a more personalized feel

  • Maximized-clicks-bidding for non-branded search campaigns

  • Split retargeting campaigns based on analytics

The Approach

Sustainable Energy


Wanting to maintain strict CPA targets, Ignite's team of media experts got to work identifying gaps in Solstice's current strategy, along with new ideas to implement. Due to low brand awareness, we set up programmatic display ads and search ads with a maximized-clicks-bidding strategy, boosting non-branded search campaigns, and increasing CTR from .01% to 3.4%, impressions by 8X and website traffic by 200%+.


We then implemented retargeting campaigns based on consumer insights to drive maximized conversions. Ignite split the retargeting efforts by zip code to provide a more personalized feel to the ad messaging, as well as split all targeting between "renters" and "homeowners", as these targets would require specific messaging to increase engagement with Solstice. These retargeting efforts increased ROAS from 54% to 235% and overall ROI increased 11X.


While Solstice maintained good conversion metrics with their current Facebook ads, Ignite was able to identify gaps in the strategy by aligning their audiences within Google Analytics to their Facebook account. This, along with updates to messaging, drove 250% ROAS (compared to 82% historically) and decreased CPA by 41%.

Solstice v1 Banner Ads-11.png
Solstice v1 Banner Ads-19.png




Google Ads ROAS


Google Ads ROI increase


increase in website traffic

Solstice v2 Banner Ads-05.png


increase in Facebook ROAS


decrease in Facebook CPA

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