Nowhere to go but Up

Strat Token utilizes Ignite! Marketing Solutions for all of their marketing needs

The Ask

Strat Token is an new-age cryptocurrency tailored to the fitness industry.  Based out of Wisconsin, USA, Strat Token will revolutionize the fitness industry by providing cryptocurrency based rewards to their users.  The problem - Strat Token's team didn't have any marketing individuals to help them out.

Strat Token partnered with Ignite! Marketing Solutions to handle all of their marketing needs, naming Ignite! their Global Director of Marketing.  We sat down with them to identify their business objectives and to analyze their current marketing efforts.  After fully understanding their business model, we got to work.


Ignite! Marketing Solutions began researching the cryptocurrency market globally to determine the most effective marketing channels to use. We were able to provide them a 360 holistic marketing plan that included traditional marketing aspects and digital marketing aspects, including Social Media, PPC campaigns, Website Development, Influencer marketing, Conferences, Press Releases and Digital Banner Advertisements.  Afterwards, we sat down with Strat Token, explained the plan step by step, and asked for feedback in regards to any ideas they may have had.  

Daniel McKee, Partner - "Ignite! Marketing solutions blew us out of the water with their capabilities and timeframe.  We were expecting to have to partner with a big firm, costing us thousands of dollars and months of work.  Instead, Ignite! Marketing Solutions was able to present their graphic design pieces within a 3 day time period, which were perfect!  Then, they were able to deliver the marketing plan within 1 month, which included all of our aspects of marketing, research on our competition, as well as links to their resources in case we wanted even more information.  We couldn't have been happier with the final outcome and do plan on partnering with Ignite! Marketing Solutions in the future for any of our marketing needs."

Want to see our results? Click on the Strat Token Logo below to download our case study.