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Strategy, Content & SEO

StratFit was built off of the Ethereum blockchain network to reward individuals for personal trainings offered through their app.

The Challenge

StratFit was in the final stages of development and needed CMO-level strategy and content expertise.

  • Identify target audience that would utilize both fitness & blockchain technologies

  • Solidify partnerships with top blockchain exchanges for launch listing

  • Develop whitepaper that showcases the feasibility and usability of the crypto

  • Craft global launch marketing strategy to drive whitepaper downloads and coin adoptions

The Approach

Scattered Coins


While StratFit's developers were in the final stages, Ignite began working on their overarching global launch marketing strategy. The problem faced was that during this time [2018] many major advertising platforms including Facebook, Google, and Microsoft were denying crypto-based advertising due to the level of uncertainty surrounding it. This didn't stop Ignite from identifying alternative routes to market that would easily attract new customers.

We started with a situational analysis, providing in-depth details surrounding the international crypto landscape and competition SWOT analysis. Luckily for StratFit, there was only 1 major competitor and they had only just launched, so fitness crypto was still a relatively new concept.

Once we had a thorough understanding of the landscape, competition, and advertising laws surrounding crypto, we got to work developing the perfect launch strategy. This strategy consisted of:

  1. Website Development

  2. Content Development & Search Engine Optimization

  3. Organic Social Media

  4. Video Advertising

  5. Influencer Marketing

  6. Media Planning & Buying

  7. Public Relations

  8. Experiential

  9. Email (Lifecycle)

From here, Ignite put together a tactical plan of attack that showcased to the StratFit team exactly how each channel interacted with each other to drive brand awareness and engagement with their target audience. As the company was headquartered in India, it was imperative that the strategy and tactical plans detailed exactly what their team needed to do to achieve success, as they would be the ones ultimately launching the strategy.

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